Thirty five weeks into my attempt to take a photo every day. I succeeded in doing so this week!

Day 246: First NCSU tailgating & game of the season. Also the first win!

Day 247: I arrived at OIB early Sunday. This was my view coming over the bridge.

Day 248: Another beach day. Soaking in the last rays of the summer.

Day 249: Tuesday morning I had an new cycle baseline ultrasound appointment as well as my super tightly closed cervix dilated to prepare it for an IUI. It was painful; I squealed & cried. Due to an ovarian cyst, I got the news too that we’re benched from medial help TTC this cycle. I laid around in the fetal position all day but did take this picture of Moe. I guess my guest room bed cover matches my green monster IF post.

Day 250: Only photo I took Wednesday was of Slow Love.

Day 251: After book club, I ran to Fresh. I got Jason a hot dog combo & me banana pudding ice cream.

Then I walked into the den from making Apple Cake to find Moe like this.

Day 252: We drove up to VA Friday night. Mom was finishing the glaze when we arrived. Here’s the apple cake right before we pounced into it.

How was your week?