Newborn Photo Session

Since it’s almost a year to the day that Nicole took these photos for us {& that the new mom Suz was too spent to post them}, I thought I’d belatedly share these here.

Lucy & Zach newborn photo session

They slept the entire 2+ hour session. My model babies were happy to snuggle each other & didn’t mind us repositioning & dressing them! {they thankfully didn’t pee/poo either!}

My poor Bell's palsy smile. I didn't realize quite how bad it was until this session. :-/

My poor Bell’s palsy smile. I didn’t realize quite how bad it was until this session. :-/

Oh my heart! They were so tiny & sweet.

Oh my heart! They were so tiny & sweet.

It’s wild & amazing to see how much they’ve grown & changed since that session!

One Year Photo Session

My fabulous friend Nicole did it again. We loved the maternity photos she took of us. She was kind enough to gift us a newborn session when Zach & Lucy were just 1 week out of the NICU. {Just realized I never shared those! Post to come!}

We met at a local park the Sunday before their first birthday. It was one of the first hot, humid days we’ve had & while it was overcast, Lucy’s blue eyes didn’t love the sun {I was trying not to squint too}.

Zach & Lucy 1 year session

Zach’s outfit’s from Gymboree. Lucy’s Lilly Pulitzer dress I found on ebay. Her bloomers were a gift from my friend Emilee.

I love these shots of the four of us & of us each with Lucy & Zach. So hard to choose favorite photos!

Lucy & Zach one year family session

Lucy & Zach 1 year sessionLucy & Zach wouldn’t nurse right before we left the house, so of course, they got a little cranky & hungry. Thankfully I’d brought snacks & managed to nurse Zach in the van which brought the smiles back for him.

Z & L 1 year session

I ordered their monkey 1 birthday onesies from The Sassy Squirrel on etsy {she doesn’t know I’m posting this}.

Lucy was over it all by the time we brought out the cake. Top that with the fact that the girl doesn’t really love to get dirty, & she was a bit dramatic before we scooped her up, cleaned them both & headed home.

Lucy & Zach one year cake session

Thanks again Nicole for capturing their personalities so well for us to remember them at one year!

Lucy: Two Months

Two months of life for this little girl. My lover of food, we never worry she’s not growing! We’ll know for sure at their two month check up next week, but I’d guess she’s past the 10lb mark.

Lucy has grown out of newborn clothes except for the few dresses that are now bordering on too short. After realizing her legs couldn’t stretch out in NB sleepers, the footless pants had become capris, onesies couldn’t snap, we officially boxed up all of those clothes. {Let me know if you need NB girl clothes, my friends are PG with boys now}

She wears cloth diapers almost exclusively during the day. We’ve been using kissaluv size 0 fitteds {on the second snap still} & a mixture of Thirties smallest covers, Flip covers & Rumparoos new born covers. At night she’s wearing size 1 disposable diapers as of two weekends ago.

She happily shocked us three times this week by sleeping in a five hour stretch from around 1-6a. Fingers crossed she keeps this up. She falls asleep best on us, on our chest. Lucy’s not a huge fan of chillin in the boppy but she’ll tolerate it for a bit. The swing is hit or miss- some days she’s a fan & it’ll lull her to sleep, others she screams after a minute. The baby Einstein mat is a hit. As is postfeeding tummy time- she falls asleep after a minute. Due to tummy time & chillin on us, she has pretty good neck control.

I think due to them being six weeks early, I’m not sure baby center development stats are correct for them yet so I’m not going to list those yet. But she has started cooing a little this week & looking at us as well as following us when we walk past both with head & eyes.

Zach & Lucy: One Month

Lucy & Zach might have turned seven weeks old this week, but I took these photos on their actual one month day 6/21. I’m hoping I can upload & post sooner for next month.

I love this brown chair for late night calming & rocking & reading to the babies. The huge owl was a gift from my aunts to the babies. So far, Moekitty is a big fan of {eating} the tutu & the babies don’t really care about the owl.

Happy 1 Month Lucy!

I breastfed Lucy then did her ‘photo session’ so she’s happily in a baby milk coma. I took photos of Zach next right before I fed him. He wasn’t a fan of my delaying his food for photos!

Happy 1 Month Zach!

Thanks to my friend Ashley for passing down the super cute owl month cards.

Maternity Photos

I decided a couple weeks ago that I wanted some maternity photos done. The only photos I had to document this pregnancy were self-portraits & I didn’t have a single photo with the husband. I turned to twitter for thoughts on maternity pics, was it too late & to see if any of my photography friends were available. Thankfully my friend & Chi O sorority sister, Nicole Faby was available for Sunday week ago {at 31w1d}.

Here’s a few of my favorites from our mini session. I’m so thankful we had these done!!