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Zach: Sixteen Months

Over a week late in writing & posting this. But things have been a bit hectic recently as our lil Z man wasn’t feeling well for 2+ weeks!

He missed 8 days of daycare & spent time home with me, my husband & 4 days last week with his Pops. His stomach issues settled down last week, his fever went away Thurs & rash was gone by Sat night. I think he had stomach bug plus Roseola. After all that, we thankfully *finally* have him back to his healthy smiling self!

And while the post is delayed, I did actually manage to take 16 month photos on the 21st.
Zach 16 months

Zach is still book obsessed. The only way I was able to get him to sit still long enough for me to snap a photo was by putting Little Blue Truck part two in his hands. I think Pops lost track of how many times he read Zach Good Night Trucks while he watched him last week.

Because of his sicknesses, Z man was weighed a bunch at the doctor recently. The highest weight was 21 lbs! Woohoo! We’ve graduated him into all 12 month clothes. I’ve just washed some short sleeve 18 mo rompers since we weren’t able to make his 12 mo ones snap. He’s a tall but skinny Lil Dude. Size 3 disposables still fit & since his diaper rash is gone {he was on 2 prescription ointments}, we were able to start cloth diapering him this Tuesday morning.

Zach’s on an organic plain yogurt with bananas kick. Loves the stuff! Which has worked out great to pump him full of probiotics too. He’s also a fan of sliced pears, goldfish, chicken tenders, grilled cheese sandwiches & wants to try whatever we’re eating from us even if it’s already on his tray!

He’s still doing well with sippy cups & up to 4 oz whole milk topping rest off with an oz or two of pumped milk. We tried to push water or watered down Gatorade or juice when he was sick. No thanks to Gatorade or pedilite. He only likes water at restaurants when he can suck it out of a straw. He sampled apple juice at Costco & was loving it, but he only likes it so/so at home. I’m okay with him enjoying drinking milk best & {hopefully} continuing to pack on the pounds.

Zach is a busy dude now that he’s back healthy. Running everywhere! Riding on their toys. Pushing their car & popcorn poppers. Bouncing & bopping to music. He likes to be chased, & he laughs & laughs when you tickle his toes or kiss his neck. He might be a soccer start as much as he likes to kick balls & he has fun throwing balls too.

His wubba pacis still aren’t far away. His Monkey he called Monk Monk the other night. He will throw them down if he wants to drink, play or talk though. He has been saying more lately including telling us ‘all done’ {a sign & phrase I’ve been doing for months} after dinner Mon night. I think that might’ve been his first two word phrase. He’s started calling J Daddy instead of Dada too.

My lil guy is growing up! Happy {very belated} 16 months Zach!

Zach: Fifteen Months

Oh our little wild man! He is a hoot!

Zach has a hilarious personality. He still loves their big car & has discovered the fun of pushing this small toy car around the kitchen floor. In a room dull of toys though, in the evenings he’s just as likely to run around with a pillow than anything else. He’ll run, laugh & fall on it, pick himself back up & do it all again.

Zach 15 months

We spend hours reading each week as Zach loves books which he calls ‘ba’. He loves to point out each photo & says something kinda like ‘this’ as he’s doing it. Zach’s great at turning pages & flipping up or down the flaps in find baby or goodnight animal books.

He’s gotten into balls {which he also calls ba}. Zach loves to throw & fetch as well as kick. It’s so cute. He loves to nest our stacking cups & shake them around.

He has ten teeth & another {we hope for all our sakes!} about to break through. Four front, 4 back & his 2 top 12 month molars. It’s his bottom right 12 molar that’s kicking his ass right now.

Teething slows down his appetite a bit, but he’s typically a great eater at home & daycare. We’ve discovered he’s the only one in our family that’s a big fan of watermelon! He’s still doing great with sippy cups & the increasing amount of whole milk {up to 2.5 oz out of the 5.5oz}.

Zach getting big {at least big for him}! We’re slowly removing the 9 mo outfits from his closet & filling them with 12 month ones for the rest of summer & fall. He’s tall enough that all shortalls must already 12 mo sized & as do pjs.

Lucy: Fifteen Months

Lucy is a bit of a changed girl post-tubes. Her occasional chatting is back to full time chatting. She has been saying Dada & Mama for a while. She’s recently thrown out uh ohh, tickle tickle, bye bye & good girl. I guess we tell her good girl a lot- it’s so cute to hear her say it back.

She princess waves all the time now- walking into daycare, leaving daycare, at stores, when were just walking down the hall.

Speaking of walking, she’s doing it maybe half the time. She seems more comfortable taking off some days more than others. She probably cruises upright to get place to place the most, but she’s rarely crawling these days. She can be sneaky- we think she’s in the den but she’s quietly cruising down the hall!

Lucy loves the water. After weeks of keeping bath time very short due to being afraid of getting extra water in her infected ears, she’s thrilled now if I give her lots of bath time to play & splash. She also likes this new kid-sized towel (we’ve well outgrown infant ones). I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my post bathing butterfly Tues night.

Lucy post-bath

That’s totally her personality too. As a healthy, happy girl, she loves to play ‘where’s Lucy’ & gives big belly laughs for thigh tickles from Mommy & belly raspberries by Daddy.

Lucy’s a fan of my cell phone, my borrowed pump, giving fierce hugs, snuggles, wrestling with Daddy & Brother, push toys, our stacking cups & books.

Lucy likes to study things. She watches us closely taking it all in. And making sure we’re watching her too!

I’m so happy to be able to call myself her Mommy. She’s such a sweet joy.

Our little big girl is still squeezing into 12 mo clothes with 18 mo coming very soon. I keep saying ‘let’s wear this just one more time’!

She’s continuing to try whatever we put in front of her but fruit is still her favorite. I’m excited to hear her weight at her 15 mo appt tomorrow. I’m guessing close to 24 lbs.

Happy 15 months baby girl! We have a fun filled month planned ahead if us! Can’t wait to experience it with you.

Lucy: Fourteen Months

It seems like I was just writing the wild girl’s 13 month post {& re-reading it, so much still rings true for Lucy girl}! With vacation & post-vacation bad ear infection, these past few weeks have flown by.

Lucy 14 months

Lucy is quite the hilarious little girl these days. While she’s our baby, she’s looking more & more like a mini-kiddo with her long curly hair. I was right guessing a couple of weeks ago that Lucy was over 22 pounds; our recently doctor’s appointments for her ears {another round of antibiotics start today but no tubes yet} have confirmed she’s over that mark.

Lucy’s currently wearing 12 month clothes {including the sweet little Carter’s dress above}, but I’ve been stocking up on 18 month ones for late summer & fall. She still fits in her size 3 shoes as well as size 3 disposables for overnights.

Lucy continues to be a great eater {especially with fruit} & *loves* her time nursing with me.

We’re on a run of sleeping through the night in her crib which we are all big fans of. I’m afraid I might be jinxing myself just typing that out! Lucy does love her sleep when her ears &/or new teeth {I think she’s in the process of getting molars soon too} aren’t the cause for late nights or {very} early wake ups. Luckily, she will typically nurse back to sleep well & we can all get a little rest & cuddles in our king bed.

Lucy’s favorite toy is which ever one Zach currently is playing with. Seriously. Daycare says she keeps tabs on him & while he’s content to check out stuff on his own, she quickly is by his side. So cute but also the cause for some hair/clothes pulling & slapping. I’m really looking forward to the day they hug more than hit! {fellow multi-mommas, when is that?!}

Lucy is doing a lot of knee walking these days, but she’s not walking on her own yet. She laughs while holding our fingers & guiding us around the house. But when we try to take our hands away, she plops right back onto her knees to cruise or crawl. That’s okay with us. She’ll walk on her own time.

I think this next month could be a big one for Lucy too. She’s learned to high five & we’re working on her pointing to her belly button. I think with her ears on the mend, her balance might get better & she’ll be more confident to try steps on her own. She’s been quieter recently too. I’m looking forward to hearing new words from our happy girl!

Zach: Fourteen Months

Zach is pretty awesome right now.

He walks all the time. He can push the popcorn popper, step over the gate ledge, over & around toys, you name it. He has wonderful balance & strength. He’s much more comfortable showing off all his moves at home & at daycare. I tried to have him walk to a friend then me at the mall & he was like WTH!? {Not a bad thing that he didn’t want to run off IMO!}

Zach *loves* books. He has & knows his favorites. And recently he’s choosing J to read them over me. Which is fine with me. It’s so cute to watch him grab the book he wants, walk over to Jason, give it to him & then crawl up in his lap. I just swoon!

Zach 14 months

Zachy was way more into reading the owl book in his hands in the chair than posing for me. Hence the rarely seen ‘serious Zach’ looks.

Zach currently wears 9 or 9-12 month clothes. In his 14 mo photos, he’s wearing a Carter’s romper {is that the boy & girl term?}. I think he’s long-waisted enough that he’ll be growing out of it pretty soon. He’s transitioning to some 12 mo pjs for that same reason. He’s in size 3 disposable diapers when not in cloth. As of the 24th, I put him in size 4 shoes!

While we’ve been at the doctor for Lucy, we were able to throw gently place Zach on the scale too. Monday week ago, he was 19lbs 2 oz. Yep, up 3 lbs since their 12 month appointment! Finally getting some bulk! :-P

Eating is a fun but messy experience with Zach. He likes to feed himself more so than letting me do it. Perfect for while I’m trying to eat too if he’s eating fruit bites, goldfish, cut up meats, pizza, veggies, potato etc. Not so laundry convienent if were having spaghetti or a casserole. Which is why those meals quickly have also been scheduled on bath nights!

Zach has fun in the bath {speaking of}. He loves to play & splash. I’ve been bathing them together some in a red tub, but I think he likes having the duck tub to himself {& we both like the one-on-one time}.

Zach has a sippy cup after daycare around 530, dinner between 6-630 & another 5oz sippy before bed around 8. See why he’s packing on the pounds?! His night time sippys are now a 5 oz mix of breast milk, formula & whole milk/carnation instant breakfast. So far, the most whole milk mix we’ve done is 2oz but I’m slowly increasing that amount.

Zach’s been cutting molars this month. While we were at the ped 7/9, our Dr felt a top & bottom tooth bud. He was fussy a couple of nights but has since settled back into a normal routine of mixing it up between sleeping through the night & waking once to nurse back to sleep {yes I still do that for convenience & extra calories}. He’s not a fan of opening his mouth wide enough for me to feel, so I’m not sure if any molars have cut through but I’m guessing so based on his temperament.

Can’t wait to see what this next month has in store for us! New words {right now we hear BA a lot but unsure if that’s ball, bottle or book}? New teeth? New moves?