When I received the email from BlogHer Book Club about Dominique Browning’s new novel, Slow Love, I jumped on the chance to read & review it. Slow Love arrived on my door step just in time to be the perfect weekend beach read.

My typical reading style is rushed. I skip letters, words, & skim through paragraphs. I always have. Slow Love reminded me to slow down. To enjoy the moments, the “the”s & even, as she said, the letter “t”.

The memoir begins as Dominique’s life is taking drastic twists: losing her beloved career, lifestyle, & home. She’s also oscillating & reminiscing on her love affair with Stroller.

I’m still thinking about the muffins chapter. Y’all know I love muffins {& husband adores blueberry ones}. I’d love to slow down life enough to try making all the ones in my cook books.

As a lover of books & reading, I was right there with her {in my pajamas too} about how hard it is to get rid of your literary loves. Like Dominique, “When I read, everything makes sense. Sometimes the world in a book seems more real than the world in which I live”. I was nodding along with those lines; so much so that I {the never-mark-in-a-book girl} turned down the page to remember those sentences.

If you’ve had the chance to read Slow Love or want to learn more, jump over to BlogHer’s Slow Love discussion where you can also get to know Dominique.

This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club, but the opinions expressed are my own.