Sunday, after church with Papa & Mom, we picked up Alethea from Jen’s & proceeded to eat our fill plus some at the Cypress brunch. Back at the condo, I packed up while my family chatted A up & embarrassed me by weirdly bursting out in song {tell me my family’s not the only one?!}. I was ready to go because we were off to snuggle triplets! Yep, Alethea & I hadn’t gotten our fill at the previous day’s walk {& I guess Jenny hadn’t gotten her fill either since she invited us}!

Jenny had just started feeding Eleanor when we arrived. Lucky the pup made room on the couch for us. R was in charge of diaper changes, then brought Toby to Alethea, then Callista to me. I’d forgotten my DSLR at home so I was without it all weekend. I hadn’t forgotten my cell {like I did at the walk}, so I snapped a few of the babes. I was trying to get one of Toby while he was looking at me, but he’d move at the last minute {really the camera is kinda slow}. Callista & I had a few out-takes before I got a smile. 🙂

Rob was able to get fun ones of us all in a baby feeding line. As per their warning Callista was the last to start eating & the first to finish. Then puke as soon as I sat her up. Poor girl. Alethea shared in the fun as Toby deuced it up while her hand was right on his bum. 🙂

After burps & farts were complete, C & T rocked & chatted a bit on these cool vibrating chairs.

They loved the elephant & monkey. I was impressed by the cool chairs & how much they’ve grown & learned since I’d hung out with them in February. Our “we’ll just stop by” turned into an hour+ in a flash. So sadly, after one more hug & snuggle from all, we made the trip back to Raleigh. Can’t wait to see what they’ll be doing & into by my next CLT trip!