We’ve started something new this week. Family dinners: all four of us sitting around the table together eating. Two parents in chairs, two babies in high chair seats {strapped to regular chairs} lined up next to each other & facing me.

Y’all, it’s made my heart happy & made me feel like my babies are really growing up.

This week it’s worked out for Jason been home three out of five nights when the babies & I arrived after work/daycare. And last night, the babies evening nap lasted until 7p allowing me not only fix bottles & start diaper laundry, but to put a baked spaghetti in the oven & warm up purees too, so that dinner was ready for all four of us when Jason walked in the door around 730p.

Dinner around the table is lovely. It’s different than dinner around the table just the two of us from a year ago. It’s louder, crazier, messier & seats are rearranged. But it’s so much better.

It’s better than shoving food in while standing in the kitchen holding a baby, eating while nursing two or while sitting on the floor eating with one hand & babies wrangling with the other which are the three ways I’ve been eating for the majority of the last nine months. Those have been fun too & I wouldn’t trade those moments.

But goodness y’all, this is like a glimpse into our future.

And it looks good. And I’m loving it.