We ended up taking Zach to the pediatrician last Thursday. {The pic of him sleeping on the cot is from when I arrived. So cute!} We & daycare were concerned over his dry cough coupled with a low grade fever, runny nose & lack of appetite. $20 copay later, no croup just a cold. And since we were scheduled for their 15 mo appt the following day, I asked the doctor I’d she could go ahead with it while we’re already there vs coming back. Since he wasn’t deemed sick, they said yes!

So Zach’s official weigh was a hefty 19 lbs 9.6 oz making him in the 9th percentile for weight! The biggest yet! Even better, he’d grown 3 inches since May putting him at 30 inches tall & in the 12th percentile! Great news for my littlest dude.

He took the shots like a champ & we succeeded in trashing the room, so we headed home. Couldn’t help but take & share a pic of our ‘super boy’ in his new bath towel.


Lucy & J went to their regularly scheduled appointment last Friday morning. Lucy weighed in at 22 lb & 7.5 oz {68th percentile!} & was 30.25 inches tall {39th percentile}. I was thinking she’d weigh more & she looks more than 1/4 inch taller than Zach. But that’s what they got that am. Still so very proud of her percentages. Such an awesome big girl!

Her doctor was thrilled with vocabulary & development overall. Said they appeared to be doing great & were caught up/on target with birth date babies vs adjusted age.

I was flustered Thurs {& we saw a Dr I’m not familiar with} & wasn’t there Friday, so some questions I wanted to discuss like sleeping & night weaning weren’t addressed.

The Dr Zach saw didn’t think it necessary to keep putting carnation instant breakfast in all their whole milk. J forgot to ask the other Dr. But I’ve decided to cut that back to half the amount of powder in their daycare sippy whole milk. And we’ve introduced whole milk without it too. So we’ll see there.

We’re also going to focus on offering milk with meals. Lucy nursing before dinner & afterwards before bed, so I hadn’t been giving her any liquids during. But I guess I should be! So we are now. That’s leading to milk showers & puddles on their trays, but it’s a learning curve like everything else.

I’m thrilled we have good toddler eaters & drinkers who keep spiking up their growth charts! Very proud of my former 4 & 6 pound preemies!