The first snow of 2010 has been pretty uneventful for us. I made it to the gas station and Food Lion for a beer & random food run before the snowy weather began.
My parents were driving down to Charlotte last night so we stayed in touch with them. They hit heavy snow/ice & hard to see roads between Lexington & Concord but roads were just wet when they arrived safe & sound in Charlotte.
I think we got around 5 or 6 inches here. We didn’t really go outside at all today. We opened the door carrying Moe to see what he thought. Once again like these pictures taken last year ( here), he wasn’t a fan! Ha, I don’t blame him. I kinda wanted to go outside and play but Jason wasn’t into it and I felt dumb to get all dressed up to walk around alone. So I worked more on Echo; almost half done with 450 pages read!
I’ll take some pictures tomorrow of the snow since I’m planing to venture out to get together with Brooke & Eliza & Holly & Lilly. 🙂