For Christmas!
I think we’re about done. Decorations are out. Nothing but Christmas music playing on the radio. Christmas cards sent~ two years ago we sent super cute wedding photo ones; last year I found fun owl cards at Target. This years are a lil more boring but they work!
Cookies baked & exchanged. I’ll get around to posting my favorite recipes of ones I received soon.Gifts are purchased and most are wrapped. I need to pick up a few gift bags & bows but everything looks nice under the tree. I can’t put bows on until we get up to my parent’s~ due to Moe eating them &/or getting smashed on the car ride up. Oh and it might snow this weekend~ what a great way to get even more in the holiday spirit!The owl tree!

Our manger scene, along with a few wooden carolers.
This end table has all red & white items like snowmen & candy canes.
This end table has a tree theme. Just need to add a good picture of Jason & I in front of the tree to that frame.