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Halloween Partyin’

I’ve seen everyone’s cute Halloween posts this week. Since it rained on Monday & we didn’t have a single trick-or-treater, I don’t have a post of that night. But Saturday night I dressed up, made my buffalo chicken {crack!} dip, & drove around the corner to my friends’ Halloween party.

I’d found the perfect costume online for me {Ketchup ~ by far my favorite condiment} as well as the paired Mustard tunic for the Husband. {Next year we’ll wear them again~maybe with future baby{s} as salt or salt & pepper?!!} Sadly, Jason worked late & I couldn’t convince him to join me at the party. With my new sober partier status, I was tired & didn’t stay as long as I’d have liked but long enough to take these fun photos of my work friends & their friends.

Halloween Party Costumes
Such creative costumes

Jenny aka the hostess with the mostess aka Jenny the Price is Right contestant aka Jenny one of two coworkers who knew my secret was having a great time. Her husband Matt {also my coworker} kicked ass as a seventies basketball player. Their house was decked out for the party. It was perfect.

My boss Roseanne & her boyfriend Trent went as the couple from Madame Butterfly. The other couples above were Jenny & Matt’s neighbors & friends. I loved the Flintstones & the Ohio State coach/cheerleader ideas.

Halloween Party Fun

My coworker Scott changed his mind last minute & showed up as a eighties work out dude {his costume had a battery powered fan in the back to keep it blown up!} while his girlfriend was a cute witch. My coworker Tammy {so creative! & crafty!} rocked as Rainbow Brite while her hubby Scott was a cowboy {maybe?}!

Cheers to Halloween!

There was a keg, jello shots & some honey whiskey brought out. I carried around a half empty solo of undrank beer then gave up trying & just had a cup of water. I think everyone in this crowd was having too much fun to notice. 😛

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I told him i was choosing my costume for halloween and he told me he’s not doing anything. I got mad cuz i love halloween and i wanna go partyin and stuff with him or friends. So i told him i wont see him in halloween’s weekend cuz i will go out by myself and have fun.

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