Much thanks to Girl with the Curlz for giving me the Honest Scrap award. I was very happily suprised when I was reading her blog on reader earlier this week and (1) she reads my blog & (2) even better~ she thinks its cool enough to give me an award!So ten things about me:
1- I’ve always been a dog lover growing up & still love dogs, but now that we have a cat & see how easy they are, I don’t ever see us owning a dog.
2- I love the beach. I’m the most relaxed there with a book in hand listening to friends/family catching up & the sounds of the waves.
3- I’ve recently become a fan of the show Trueblood. Jason & I are catching up with it on netflix & we’re both addicted. I’m now reading the books too.
4- I love wearing bright colors. This week I’ve worn pink, red, yellow, coral tops. I threw in one black top but wore it with black & white searsucker dress pants.
5- Husband & I are TTC. We just started cycle 6 this week. That will be its own post later though.
6- I love to bake. I wish I loved to cook, but that can get me a little frazzled where as baking relaxes me.
7- My DVR is filled right now with random reality shows Husband doesn’t wanna watch like Big Brother, Real World, The Little Couple & I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant. I hope I get a chance this weekend while he’s working or doing yard work to clear them off.
8- I could eat pizza or Italian food everyday. I don’t but we do usually have something pizza like weekly.
9- I can’t wait for the holidays! I saw a Christmas in July sales sign and got excited just thinking about Christmas shopping & decorating.
10- I love deals! I was thisclose to buying a few things on vineyard vines yesterday because they were 60% off. They were cute, but I didn’t really need them so I passed.

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