I was recently introduced to Babyhuddle, after Susanne {yes, her name caught my eyes first!} stopped by & left a comment on my cloth diapering at daycare post.

I jumped over to the babyhuddle site because I hadn’t heard of it. I noticed immediately that it was a cool, user-friendly & very interactive site for all things baby. I noticed the prices were all in EU, they used the term ‘mum’ {which is just too cute} & wondered if they were going to have a US site. Turns out, they’re launching their US version of babyhuddle today.

My favorite part about babyhuddle? The lists! I love lists! {Remember my pre-babies list that didn’t quite get finished before bed rest?} I searched online before the babies were born for blog posts to help me register for what I’d need most as a twin mom. I found very few.

I so wish there had been US babyhuddle then. I love being able to see the lists made by real Moms like myself showing products they use & adore. {I know Amazon has lists but these feel more personal.} I immediately started a list I called ‘twin mom must haves’. It includes many of the items I listed in my newborn must have post plus a few more items that I forgot.

Babyhuddle also has an ask questions feature where you can throw out a question about any baby topic & have it be answered by other parents. I answered questions about breastfeeding {how long I would nurse, what products I used most} & my favorite baby shower gift {the brestfriend twin pillow btw}. I asked a question on babyhuddle too ~ What was the best product for the 6-12 month crowd? I need Christmas gift ideas as my family has been inquiring.

Not only is babyhuddle interactive with their lists & ask features, you can also shop. *ding, ding* {happy bells in my head}. I have no time to go to stores anymore, so online shopping has become a new favorite. Babyhuddle has a great selection of all my go-to baby product as well as perfect mom to-be gifts. And their prices seems very reasonable too.

If you’re like me & enjoy being one of the firsts to try something new, go check out babyhuddle. Look for me there. I’m ‘suzstreats’. Join, make lists, ask & answer questions & you can shop too of course.

After checking out babyhuddle on my own & for myself, I was contacted by babyhuddle for a review post. This was sponsored but all opinions are genuine & my own.