I was very thankful we received both of the first two books in this Crossfire novel series by Sylvia Day. I might have felt a little lost reading Reflected in You without the beginning/back story provided by Bared to You.

The story of Eva & Gideon captured me right from the start. Recent college graduate moves to NYC & gets an entry level marketing job in a beautiful high rise building. On her see-how-long-it-takes-to-get-to-work trial run, she literally runs into a smokingly hot, dark & slightly dangerous looking man. And with that, I was hooked. Throw in a fun gay boss, a wild male model roommate, ultra-rich mother & step-dad, & a down-to-earth father & you’ve got a good cast of characters beyond just that of the main two. Their over the top rich lives are enough to make you a bit envous before you discover their dark, twisted pasts.

These books definitely fall into the ‘romance novel’ category. I was into historical romance novels as beach reads in HS & college but hadn’t read one in years. The modern day setting made this romance novel a nice change from some of the cheesy back drops & story lines from past romance novel reads.

As a romance novel, you get sex scenes. Wild, crazy over the top ones only {I imagine} pulled off by the very creative, wild & wealthy. Coming off of reading Diary of a Submissive, these sex scenes seemed tame & unriske by comparison. That was a nice change.

Reflected in You sums up itself well but most definitely leaves you hanging & wanting more. Thankfully, the last page mentions that Entwined with You will be coming out in 2013.

I’d recommend Bared to You & Reflected in You to any romance novel fan or those looking for a fun, quick & easy, romance novel, beach read. I’ll be discussing Reflected in You on the BlogHer Book Club page. Join me there?