The awesome Jennandtonica has made these twice for our Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. I was thought they’d be good to try with my family at the beach & she twittered me the recipe. I love the recipe~ not too many ingredients, quick & easy to make & oh so delicious!

3 Thomas 100% whole wheat Bagel Thins (Jenny’s used whole wheat mini bagels)
about 1 cup Italian 5 white cheese mix
about 1/2 cup light mayo
Julian Sun Dried Tomatoes sliced (Jenny uses TJ’s. We just got what Lowe’s had)

Turn on oven to broiler setting.
Split bagels & place on baking sheet.
If not precut, slice sun dried tomatoes.
Mix cheese with just enough mayo to make it stick together.
Top bagels with cheese mixture.
Add sun dried tomatoes to top of bagels.
Bake bagels until cheesy melted & bagels browned.

We quartered bagels into bite sized pieces. Everyone loved them just as I had when I’d had Jenny’s verison!
The bagels weren’t super crispy for us though. Not us if its because we sprayed the pan with pam or not cooked bagel enough. Jason suggested that we could try broiling bagel for a minute next time before topping. Might try that next time.