I’ve been unhappy with the standard clay cat litter for a while now. We’ve kinda tried it all~ Arm & Hammer, Fresh Step, Petco’s brand, whatever Costco sells in huge tubs~ I like how well it clumps, but hate the smell & dust from it all. I am also the one who deals with the litter & don’t usually clean it but twice a week. I was on the look out for something new~ especially if I could get good deals on it at first.

I found a coupon a couple of weeks ago for pine shavings litter & bought it when Harris Teeter was doubling them. Showed it to hubby & he was less than impressed so I took it back.

I follow sue_stock on twitter and her blog mentioned getting World’s Best Cat Litter for free & then also listed a bunch of $3 & $4 off coupons. I talked to my brother who has multiple cats & he said they used something like this too. He & his girlfriend love that it’s FLUSHABLE! My first bag was free then got another one last week when they were on sale at Harris Teeter & I had a $3 coupon. I cleaned out Moe’s box & added the Litter last Wednesday. Its made of corn & I bought the clumping version. It looks like thicker clay litter but smells kinda like a cornfield. I was nervous at first because Moe didn’t seem to be a fan, but by Thursday he was using it and seemed ok with it.So far, I’m loving that it’s flushable. Makes it easy to just scoop out poop as I see it walking past that bathroom. I think it clumps almost as well as clay litter. There’s no dust, but Moe does track it a little when he jumps out of the box (he did that already though). I was going to take a photo to show yall~ but really who likes to see cat litter pics?!