Lucy, whew, she’s our wild one. My mom calls her a pistol & she’s right on target. Lucy’s discovered climbing, running, & that she’s all but tall enough to reach table & counter tops. Her newest obsession is puling out tissues from the box by the handfuls! Anyone need a tissue? Lucy’s got a stack ready here!

She’s the cutest mess ever though. Look at this smile when she realized she’d successfully scaled her wooden chest built by my grandfather. Such a stinker! She was a stinker too attempting to throw herself off here too.


Lucy’s well into 18 mo sized clothes. I’ve been selling her 12 mo ones & some tighter 18 mo onesies I’d thought would last through fall/winter! She’s our big girl weighing in 2 weeks ago around 23-24 lbs.

Lucy loves food. Grilled cheese, animal crackers, bananas, blueberries, chicken, casseroles, yogurt, applesauce, quesadillas & she can put away some black beans. She’s not afraid to place what she doesn’t love aside on her tray though too.

She scoffed at Gatorade & Pedilite while sick. She’s not a big juice fan either. Lucy’s learned to drink with straw though so water at restaurants is
a new fun treat for her. Thankfully she’s still a big milk fan. Like Zach she’s up to 4 of her 5.5 oz daycare sippys are organic whole milk. Baby girl still loves nursing, but I’ve been giving her whole milk at meals {per Dr recommendation} & sometimes through out weekend days {dwindling supply}.

While she had her bad cold/stomach bug, we were able to ward off ear infections too thanks to her tubes. I think thanks to her tubes, in the 6 weeks since the surgery, her language skills have blossomed! She mimics so many words now it’s crazy! I’m working on ‘love you’ but she’s not there just yet. “All done” she’s said & signed for a couple weeks which is so convenient!

Lucy girl, happy belated 16 months!