So I saw Jenni’s post about chicken chili and it sounded so good that I emailed it to a friend about me making it for our small group on Monday night. She reminded me that my mom makes a killer white bean chicken chili too and asked for that recipe. She remembered it included beer which we both thought was fun! So to remind myself of the recipe and to share it with the world here goes. BTW I think I’m going to combine Jenni & Mom’s recipes for Monday. Hope they turn out well. I’ll share pictures later. Oh and I’m going to try out the Oatmeal/PB cookies a few posts down Monday too!
1+lb of cubed chicken
48oz Great Northern beans
16 oz salsa of your choice
2 c of chicken broth (up to 2 cans ok)
1 can beer
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp garlic powder
4 oz (small) can of green chilis
15oz can sweet corn, drained
1 c monteray jack cheese
Combine all ingredients. I plan on crockpotting them all day. Use about 2/3 of cheese in mix and top your bowls with the rest.
I’m planning on also adding oregano, cayenne pepper, & flour like Jenni did and also adding a bit of sour cream on top with the cheese.