My parent’s came into town this weekend. We have a tradition of going to the NCSU/WF game with one of my good friends from college and her parents. I made blueberry scones for breakfast, whipped together a parm/ranch veggie dip (using a herb pack given to me by a friend, ranch dressing & sour cream), and a layered Mexican dip (except that I used HT’s refried black beans and omitted the olives & onions b/c I didnt have them on hand). All three got rave reviews! We also had beer, mojitos, bloody marys, Bojangles chicken, slaw & beans, and birthday cake (yay for Brett turning 30!). Even though it rained a little bit, we didn’t mind and we were prepared this time with raincoats & ponchos.
To make it an even better weekend, NCSU won! I’m such a huge NCSU football fan and am thus so excited that they won the game Saturday night. I’d resigned myself to them losing, but it’s so much more fun when they win! My dad laughed and said they only have to win out to go to a bowl. Not sure that’ll happen, but I’ll be wearing red the next two Saturdays to support the pack. 🙂