Husband came home Saturday night after being on a work trip to CA for two weeks. It was the longest we’d spent apart since we met 9 years ago. It was also the longest he’d been away from the babies by far. He missed us & we were very glad to see him too.

As I’d mentioned, I was lucky to have my dad helping out while J was gone. And we were lucky that my mom drove back & forth on the weekends & cooked enough for most weekday meals in between. That also meant they were still in town Sunday.

It was very special to spend my first mother’s day with outside babies with my mom here too. We shared cards in the morning. Jason gave me a new 50mm DSLR lens {yay for actually being able to take pics in my dimly lit den!} & the babies via my MIL gave me a sweet bracelet. Mom, Lucy, Zach & I went to church then picked up Boj’s on the way home. No big cooking for us!

I did make Lucy & Zach purees for the week & heated up a chicken soufflé casserole {recipe post to come} that Mom had put together Sat. Mom & I took Lucy & Zach for a walk around the neighborhood with a dual purpose: a much needed nap for them & getting them out if the house while their Dada & Pops put together a water table & play coupé {birthday gifts for next week}.


Jason snapped the below photo of my favorite part of the day though.


Both L & Z have been close to/almost/kinda/maybe putting m & a syllables together for a week or so. But no ‘mama mama’ & never to me. Until Sun evening! I put Zach down to take out dinner out of the even & pull out dinner from the fridge for them. As I walked away he screamed out ‘mama mama!’. I whipped around, scooped him up & cried! My tiny lil guy called me by name, y’all!!

Hope all my mother readers {moms, moms-to-be, grandmas, aunts, pet moms & those praying for motherhood} had a great day!