That’s how I’m feeling when I think of starting after-BlogHer posts. Overwhelmed. I’m slowly getting over the post-BlogHer exhaustion {its kinda like the day after Christmas exhaustion} aka BlogHer11 Hangover that has more to do with flight delays & 3am arrivals, chapped lips & man-voices than the wine, margaritas, & bud lights I downed.

I downloaded the 483 photos last night, & there are so many good ones capturing wonderful memories! I also unpacked my 50 pound swag suitcase with Jason last night. 

I’d planned to divide the conference into three post {parties/swag, location/sessions, & people}. But my photos are divided by day as are my memories of that day’s people & events. I’m hoping to be able to work on the Wed/Thursday post tonight. Stay tuned!