I just read my sweet friend Suzanne’s post on asking for patience in the morning & forgiveness in the evening after a day with her two daughters. And it got me thinking.

I can honestly say that before having children, I thought some kids were annoying. And even though I dreamed of being a teacher when I was little, by middle school, I knew I didn’t have the patience to deal with kids all day. But I’d been told over & over that it all changes when they’re your own children. That their craziness & poops & squeals & farts are cute.

And seven weeks in, I can say that most of the time, I think they’re super cute & precious & I’m thankful they’re here. My thankfulness & love overpowers frustration.

But there are moments like the ones Suzanne mentioned, where both babies are screaming for attention, when I’m literally being pulled two different ways, that I can feel my patience flying out the window. It’s in those moments, usually after VERY little sleep, that I get annoyed with the babies. Yes, even in typing it I know it’s ridiculous. Annoyed that even though I just finished a forty minute nursing session, that they wake up hungry as soon as I start pumping, or while I’m trying to give attention to the other baby. Or the screaming when they have fresh diaper & full belly & I *just* laid down to try to get a 30 minute nap. I don’t think this is PPD or anything for y’all to be worried over, but these moments of being overwhelmed do alert me that I need a quick break.

Those moments are the ones that make me thankful to have Jason &/or family help as a second pair of arms. Thankful that I have help enough that I’m able to recharge with a shower or a nap & come back to the babies with patience & loving arms. Knowing that they’ll forgive me for being short, for not answering their screams with coos & a song, & knowing that I can do better the next time. That I can, like Suzanne, stop {& continue} to ask for patience & forgiveness.