I was too boring or too tired this week to take any great photos, but here’s what I took.

Day 309: Saturday you already read about our crazy morning & triplet revealing ultrasound then how I celebrated watching NCSU beat UNC.

Ms Wuf

That's right Ms Wuf!

Day 310: By Sunday night, I wasn’t feeling great & thought that a Wendy’s crispy chicken sandwich might help {it did}.

Too bad the top bun was covered in mayo & had to be tossed.

Day 311: no photo.

Day 312: I meant to take a before & after water photo of my plant at work. Here’s the before. I forgot to take an after but it really perked up.

Poor, sad, neglected plant.

Day 313: Wednesday Moe kitty got back in bed after both of us were out. Cracked me up so I grabbed my DSLR for this one.

Lazy, sweet Moekitty

Day 314: This is the first night I felt really bad & after putting my pregnancy out there on twitterverse that day, I asked my mama gurus for help. Here’s what I had on hand & went with: water & dry cheerios.

Comfy pants, water, cheerios. Perfect preggo night cap.

Day 315: no photo Friday.

Hope you had a great week!