Another week. Another project 365.

Day 323: NCSU game day Saturday. My parents came into town & cheered on the Pack beating Clemson!

gift idea mayhaps?!

Day 324: Moekitty cuddle time after the crowd left.

So little he only take over at least one half of the love seat...

Day 325: Monday night I treated myself to take out Chick-fila for dinner & a milkshake for late night snack!

Whip cream on top? Yes, please!

Day 326: Look what arrived Tuesday! My Paper Culture art {post to come}.

Four years later we have a pretty photo art on our wall

Day 327: Worked Wednesday then traveled down to the beach. No photo.

Day 328: Thanksgiving day which deserves it’s own post later this week.

Parade & Thanksgiving decorations

Day 329: We shopped just a little, celebrated Mom’s & my birthdays a little early, then I won Mom, Nana & I’s Mexican Train Dominoes game with this train!


Hope your Thanksgiving week was great.