This is my 500th post. Wow! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We were surrounded by family from both of our sides & enjoyed a great weekend with them.

Another ponytailed, makeup-less photo. This time post 5.5 hour car ride home.

How far along? Nine weeks Saturday so 9w1d today.

Maternity Clothes? After not being able to zip & button a bigger pair of work pants this week, I wore the BeBand with unzipped pants & broke down & purchased a pair of maternity khakis & jeans. The khakis I wore this weekend & wondered why I’d put off that maternity panel so long!

Weight Gain? Haven’t weighed myself but I’d think so.

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Lots of tossing back & forth. Enough that after one night together in a double bed, Jason moved over to the twin in our room at my grandparents’ to give us both better nights’ sleep. Last night I woke up at 12:30, 1:37, 3:34 & 7:30 to pee. I had to get a snack at 4 too. I’ll be off to bed early tonight.

Movement? Not yet.

Genders? We hope & pray for healthy babies first & foremost. But Iā€™d love to have boy/girl combos.

What I Miss? Sleeping on my tummy/back without waking up & having to roll over. I think I’m going to start surrounding myself with pillows so I stay on my sides.

Symptoms? The bump that especially appears after eating this week. And the hunger.

What Iā€™m Looking Forward to? More maternity pant wearing this week which will mean more comfort. Counting down the days until our first MFM doctor appointment {8}.

Weekly Wisdom? Rest when you’re feeling tired. My family is all about the go, go, go. This weekend we experienced that I can no longer do that. I found chairs in every store we went into. Also smile & share in everyone’s excitement. I think Nana told at least one person everywhere we went all weekend that I was pregnant with triplets. She’s so proud & excited.

Milestones? The babes are the size of grapes this week & about an inch long.