I usually try to get this post up Saturday, but somehow it didn’t happen.  Also I’ve decided to not stress out if I miss a day or two instead of taking another random photo of Moe.

Day 50:  Saturday I went to Charlotte.  I snuggled with triplet babies, but since y’all’ve already seen those photos, here’s one from Saturday night which I haven’t had a chance to post about yet.  Below is the bottom of the sangria pitcher.  Don’t you worry, most of that fruit was eaten!!

Day 51:  This photo is still from Saturday night’s girl night, but since it was taken around 3am, I’m calling it my Day 51 photo.  Y’all it was a good night which made for a bit of a rough morning.  But I still  made it to church & brunch with Papa before heading back to Raleigh.

Day 52:  Monday night was Small Group where I told my church friends about our IF & asked for prayers for my HSG procedure.  I got home & relaxed while finishing Shanghai Girls.  Moe curled up on my legs and I demanded nicely asked Jason to snap a quick photo.

Day 53: Tuesday was the HSG day.  I asked y’all for a couple requests that morning.  I didn’t take a photo then or while I was laying on the couch.

Day 54: Wednesday was another not do anything special day.  I posted about my HSG experience.

Day 55:  Thursday was busy!  I went right after work to meet baby Reagan.  After giving congrats hugs to the new parents & snuggles to her, I headed off to enjoy some wine & dips with Chi O Alum sisters.  I love how this photo shows Emily holding Reagan, while her husband Dan looks on & new dad Dave eats Beth’s dinner.

Day 56:  Friday after work I ran by ChickFila to get Jason dinner & me a lemonade.  I had one thing in mind.  A Firefly drink!

How was your week?