Sixteen {!!} weeks into project 365. Pretty eventful week & I even managed a photo everyday but one!

Day 106 Saturday{after the crazy tornado weather} Jason & I headed to Emma’s first birthday party. the birthday girl was passed from family to family & I realized later I didn’t get a photo of her. I did take photos of the cute owl decorations & baby Brianna‘s big sister Lexie {who after realizing I’d share my cake stayed by my side!}. After that we ran off to celebrate Kelly’s 30th which is a post to come.

Day 107 Sunday I pretty much laid on the couch in a bloated state reading, watching Easy A & doing a little laundry. I might have also finished off Sweet Tart jelly beans. Maybe.

Day 108 Monday we went to Greensboro to sell the black Evo then Winston to look at another car. Yeah our few hour adventure turned into an all day affair when Jason decided to buy the white Evo. I rushed back to town just in time to meet Alethea, BA, Kathleen, Shannon & Brandy for dinner. Not my photo {from Brandy’s iphone b/c my phone had died} but here’s A & I enjoying Yogurt Mountain dessert.

Day 109 Tuesday I photo’d the new car, stocked up on essentials at Costco then smiled at Moe’s paws.


Day 110 The only photo I took Wednesday is the next book on my TBR list, The Daughter’s Walk which I plan to read this long weekend.

Day 111 After two days being back in claims due to the storm, I wanted *needed* a margarita. I asked for on the rocks but was fine with the frozen one she brought. Hello Weekend, nice to see you!

Day 112 Friday night of Easter weekend. I love this photo of my mom!

Hope everyone has a very happy Easter weekend!