Nine women from different backgrounds with different job & careers & ages.  Ones at different places when it comes to love, marriage, & family.  Meeting at each others homes & our shared church.  That’s what we have in common.  A yearn to learn more & grow in our walk with our faith.  Some of us have been gathering for a couple years while others joined the group Monday for the first time.  I love my small group.  I look forward to Monday nights.  They help me focus & I genuinely feeling I’m a kinder, better person while I’m actively studying the Word.

Andy Stanley and his 6 week study on Taking Care of Business: Finding God at Work will help us grow & learn to incorporate God in our work lives. After one night, it has already created great discussion of our work & ways to learn more about each other and through that our faith & our God.

The second 4 week study will be Staying in Love: Falling in Love is Easy, Staying in Love Requires a Plan.  This one I’m really looking forward to.  While TTC means we are literally connecting {TMI!!} frequently, I’m hoping this study shreds some light on God’s plan to keep love in the focus of our marriage.

I’ve done a few Beth Moore studies & loved them all.  This is my first video study by anyone else.  Anyone done a Andy Stanley study or read one of his books?  This is the first for me & I’m very impressed so far.  I’d love to hear your favorites of his.