I shared photos last time my Chi O alum group had bunco. Thursday night, I was the hostess. I didn’t break my camera out before {friends arrived early} or during {too busy eating, drinking & losing}. So once everyone left, I snapped a few photos of my post-bunco kitchen & den.

Instead of bunco prizes, we do $5 each & as the biggest loser, I got my $5 back. It was such a fun night &, other than what I bought in food, free!

Speaking of food, I tried to keep with green ones since it was St. Patrick’s Day. I made a thrown together spinach artichoke dip served with red peppers, baby carrots & wheat thins. A layered hummus {one layer was green} also served with above. Granny Smith apples with lite caramel dip. I also made sugar cookies {from a bag} topped with green sprinkles. I set little bowls of goldfish, sweet tart gummies, peanut butter M&Ms, cinnamon toffey almonds, & chocolates on the 3 tables. We went through 3 bottles of white wine, pitcher of water, & a 2 liter of diet coke! I do believe a good time was had by all!

I woke up Friday a little tired & maybe slightly hungover. But very happy to have a clean house! Hope you had a very happy St Patty day!