Double digits! No longer embryos! Full time maternity pants! Welcome to week ten.

Midmorning photo before daytime girls movie gtg

I snapped photos before I ran out the door to meet some friends Saturday. I didn’t even look to see how they turned out & sadly the front facing shots were really blurry. Clothes in the photo above are courtesy of Suzanne aka pretty swell {thank you!}.

How far along? Ten Weeks today.

Maternity Clothes? Heck yeah! I bought a few more & sweet Suzanne of pretty swell graciously passed down a bunch of pants & tops to me Thursday night. I feel so  much more comfortable in them, although there’s no hiding the belly in maternity clothes!

Weight Gain? Haven’t weighed myself but I’d think so. Will probably find out at Monday’s appt.

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? I added pillows on either side of me & am more used to side sleeping, so I’m sleeping better. I swear ice cream before bed helps too.

Movement? Not yet.

Genders? We hope & pray for healthy babies first & foremost. But I’d love to have boy/girl combos.

What I Miss? Doing as much as I want without being exhausted. I tried running errands after work a couple days this week & it kicked my butt a little. Of course I’m tired on the weekends too so not sure when things like cleaning, Christmas decorating & finishing up shopping will occur.

Symptoms? As long as I eat every two hours, I feel pretty darn good. I have some end of the day lower back pain which I know comes with carrying three babies.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Monday’s appointment. I can’t wait to meet the MFM doctor & hear what he says to help us bring these trips into the world.

Weekly Wisdom? Eat. Drink water {I get headaches when I slack on water}. Rock maternity pants. Comfort is amazing.

Milestones? The babies are the size of kumquats {anyone actually seen one of those?} & are now fetuses {sp?} with all their parts. My baby center app says they have peach fuzz hair & nails, swallowing fluid, can move their limbs & thus are kicking.