My mom & I tend to make martinis when we’re together. I got her this very festive martini shaker a couple of years ago & a friend gave her two green martini glasses that are aluminum and great for martinis because they keep them very chilled. These just motivate us even more to make yummy fun martinis!
When I’d been up to help decorate we used the last of the midori in the cabinet trying to make melon cosmos. We couldnt find a good recipe, faked it just mixing stuff and it was pretty good. This weekend we couldnt remember what we’d made then so we tried it again and they turned out brown & not so good. Then Santa gave me a mini cocktails for dummies book in my stocking to the rescue!
The Green Hornet was the first martini recipe in the book that used what we had on hand. It was very yummy (not too strong but not too weak), very Christmasy green, and a great cocktail hour refreshment!
1 oz Vodka (we used Sky citrus)
1/2 oz Midori
1 oz Sweet & Sour Mix (we used virgin margarita mix that we had on hand)
Depending on how much we wanting or if it was a refill, we sometimes doubled or tripled this. Shake with with; serve straight up or over ice. Enjoy!