I’m not calling them resolutions per say (because they tend to get broken too quickly), but goals I’d really like to have happen for 2010.

1-lose weight & get more fit. I’m going to try to increase my gym time & decrease portion sizes. I also have a sweet tooth that I need to control.

2- read 50 books in 2010. I made it to 43 in 2009 so I was close. Hopefully this year I’ll make it. 3 down, 47 to go! I’ll keep track on the sidebar again this year.

3- for Jason & I to be happy at our jobs/make more money/save more. I made the change last summer to Farm Bureau’s underwriting department and it has been an awesome change! I hope Jason can soon follow finding something he loves in IT. We also need to save more. I’ve been taking my lunch and cutting my random $50 Target runs, but we need to get stricter (see below).

4- get pregnant (how scary & yet exciting to type!). Mom don’t go getting a crib already (oh, wait she’s already done that! ha!). We’re trying to do #1 & #3 to get ready for us to try to begin this journey in late spring/summer for a 2011 baby. I’m not very good with secrets, so I’m sure this blog will be a great outlet for baby (or baby trying) updates.