I snapped these photos before going out in search of maternity skirts St Patty’s day Saturday afternoon. I didn’t find any skirts in store but did order a few online.

{25 Design headband, Lilly P top, really old Limited skirt}

How far along? 25w2d

Maternity clothes? Yes! Except I did figure out this 80 degree weekend that I’ll be able to make a few of my elastic waisted skirts & long summer tops work, like the ones in the photo above.

Weight Gain? Was up 25 lbs as of a couple weeks ago & I haven’t weighed myself since.

Stretch Marks? none yet & kinda surprised by that.

Sleep? Not bad. I’m used to the side sleeping now but the belly does make rolling from side to side harder.

Movement? Yes. Almost all the time I can feel someone moving around. Especially baby A since C faces inside. But I can feel C’s head & bootie since she’s transverse still.

Genders? Baby A is a still a boy & C is a girl. Confirmed again at last Tuesday’s doctor’s appointment.

What I Miss? Baby B always. Shopping. Fitting into everything {well almost everything damn you skinny pants!} in my closet. Cute shoes that my swollen feet no longer allow me to wear.

Food cravings? Nothing specific but I have enjoyed ice cream & frozen yogurt with the heat of the past week.

Food aversion? I kinda think I’m over aversions?!

Labor signs? None, thankfully. We did go over them at our 24 week appt on Tuesday. Luckily my cervix is still long & closed & we’re hopefully far from labor’s eminent appearance.

Belly button in or out? So that innie belly button crazily has lost its crater look. Now it’s just a small innie. Could it become an outie in the coming weeks?!

What I’m Looking Forward to? My parents coming this weekend & we’re painting the nursery green. We’re also going to a moms of multiples consignment sale. And hopefully purchasing a minivan this week.

Weekly Wisdom? I think I might bring back the symptoms question. Because after being ‘symptom’ free for most of this pregnancy, some appeared this week. Like back aches from normal around the house activities. And swollen feet.

Until next summer Jacks

RIP cute summer sandals; you’ve been replaced by $2 Old Navy flops in a size larger.

Milestones? Twenty five weeks is getting to the end of the 2nd trimester! Baby center says they’re over a foot long & weighing over a pound {ultrasound tech guestimated ours were more like 1 lb 10oz & 1 lb 12 oz last week though}.