Daring Greatly by Brene Brown was a bit tough for me.

I’m used to fiction. Where I can almost skim pages while also watching TV, care for babies, nursing or pumping at work. Where I can escape in the flow of words on a page.

But Brene Brown’s non-fiction, I guess really a self-help book, required thought. It’s not just because she’s covering a lot of research topics but because it takes what you think you know or think about everyday relationships & interactions and forces you to explore within yourself. I couldn’t skim words because then I’d miss a main point. I didn’t want to miss anything.

Daring Greatly refers to really putting yourself out there. Your real open-for-all-to-see-you-naked self. Being Wholehearted & vulnerable. I learned how it really takes courage & hard work to shake off the layers we use to protect ourselves, to fight off using shame to keep relationships at bay, to be vulnerable.

As a college sociology major, I related to her research & discussion on how men & women view shame, relationships/sex & vulnerability differently. There were so many places in the book where I was nodding along, mentally going ‘yes, I’ve done that, seen friends do that, my husband act that way & I now more clearly see why’.

Daring Greatly isn’t an easy read, but it’s a book I think I’ll hold on to. That I’ll pick up again as the babies get older & I need to more clearly show them that being a truely strong, healthy little example of feminine & masculine doesn’t mean to follow the definitions socity has created, but instead for them to be open & vulnerbale & real. God, I hope I can live up to that task.

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