Sweeping off the dust. That’s what I feel like I’m doing after not posting in almost a week. I think this might be the longest maybe ever I’ve gone without being on a computer. I can’t even look at my google reader since I’m about a week behind there too.

But I have pretty good excuses. Pregnant with triplets. Husband sick with super bad cold since NYE weekend. I thought I’d avoided it thanks to him quarantining himself to the guest room. The first work week of 2012 was done & I was looking forward to resting & finishing up the de-Christmasification Sat & Sun.

Main activity of Saturday was two friends stopping by {hi K & P} one with frozen dinners & the other to pass on newborn & size one prefolds! I was feeling a little tired but went off to Target. I love Target & did my usual round of the store. I was spent though when I arrived home.

Sunday I was done. Like more exhausted than ever before. I was probably only awake for three or four hours & those were spent on the couch or reading in bed {I finished a random free book I’d downloaded onto my Kindle Fire. It wasn’t thought-provoking but Double Dare was an easy read}. Oh & I had a temperature of 100.6 Sunday night.

Monday was the MFM doctor appointment I’d been so looking forward to {it’s own post to come}. I barely made it. We both felt awful. I gagged down half a bowl of cereal & grabbed a gatorade for the ride. I told work I wasn’t coming in & went straight to the couch once we got home.

Monday afternoon until this morning is a blur of sore throat, flem, gagging, throwing up a few times, trying to force down BRAT diet food because I was so hungry, then major stomach issues when I did eat. I got little to no sleep at night between trips to the bathroom. Enough said. Thanks to Imodium, Tylenol cold, Gatorade, ginger ale & a sick husband who took care of me, today I’m officially on the mend.  I’ve stuck with very basic food but it’s all stayed in & at 8p, I’m feeling well enough to tell y’all about it. Praying this is the only sick spell in this pregnancy. I have a whole new respect for women who are fighting morning sickness.