Listening is an Act of Love by Dave Isay was December’s book club pick. As per my new normal, I hadn’t finished it {I haven’t even read the January book we discussed Wed night}. But back in Dec I’d read enough to be able to talk about Dave Isay’s book.

That’s a nice thing about StoryCorps’ collection of short stories that make up Listening is an Act of Love, you can just pick it up and read it a quick chapter/story at a time. Though once I got into a section & after hearing my friends say how interesting the stories in the last grouping {water & fire} were, I couldn’t help reading one after another quickly & staying up past the trips bedtime.

I feel like I’d heard of StoryCorps before. Maybe in discussion that there was a booth by the 9/11 memorial. Or maybe the mobile booth traveled somewhere locally. I don’t listen to talk radio, but one of my book club friends heard the stories on their Friday morning NPR show. I love the idea that anyone, yes, anyone can reserve time & bring a loved one into their booth and record history. I’ve discovered I really enjoy non-fiction in the past couple of years & Listening is an Act of Love is an awesome example of the power in the everyday American story. How the normal, seen & told through your loved one, is precious & amazing. I wish I did a better job really interviewing my older family members & like that at the end of the book, the author provides a list of sample questions to get you started for your own interview.

While searching for a link to the StoryCorps site, I discovered they have two more books. One a collection of stories about Moms & another coming out in Feb about Love. Listening Is an Act of Love covered both topics in some sense but I bet those books will also be good. I’ll have to remember to add them to my library wish list.