I was told this week to put sleep & resting before blogging. With family in town & that crazy awesome NCSU win Saturday, this post is a couple days late. I didn’t take a weekly photo Saturday but shot these two before putting on pjs Sunday evening. I’ll go back to a in-jeans photo this week.

Eight Weeks Pregnant with Triplets

Ignore the squints & no make up & bad hair please.

How far along? Eight weeks Saturday so 8w2d today.

Maternity Clothes? Not quite yet, but soon. I ordered a BeBand from Target online & it arrived Saturday. I think I’ll be wearing pants unzipped with that soon.

Weight Gain? I weighed myself {eekkk!} last week & will do it again this week. Been trying to eat a lot so maybe some gain.

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Now that I’ve been following Dr. Luke’s Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads book & eating every two hours, I sleep better since I don’t wake up hungry/feeling sick in the middle of the night.

Movement? Not yet.

Genders? {I updated it to Genders!} We hope & pray for healthy babies first & foremost. But I’d love to have boy/girl combos.

What I Miss? Not much this week. Just feeling thankful.

Symptoms? Hungry, sore boobs, tired, & my lower belly is definitely hard/bigger at the end of the day.

What I’m Looking Forward to? I’ve been released from the RE & am supposed to hear from my new MFM practice soon to set up an appt. I’m looking forward to meeting the team of doctors who will help me bring these trips into the world. Also looking forward to eating the heck out of Thanksgiving!

Weekly Wisdom? If you find a book that has worked for other friends with multiples & makes sense to you, read it & go with it. Also great to have family read it so they’re on board. Mom read half of it this weekend then helped me be sure to eat enough of the right things often. Oh & on that note, when people offer to help, take them up on it! My mom helped me clean & organize this weekend then yesterday she & my aunt helped me make two casseroles into 6 frozen dinners.

Milestones? My former blueberries are now lentil beans with hands & feet with webbed fingers & toes & eyelids!