I saw on wral.com’s shopping saver a link & info on this deal. I think its good through Saturday, so you should go too!

I bought a Carmex Moisture Plus in peach (original price $2.99), but I had $1 off coupon so the total came to $2.22. A $2 off next Walgreens purchase coupon printed with my receipt! I tried but couldn’t return the lip stuff & get it for free. Instead I remembered our (3 year!) anniversary is next Wednesday, so I turned around & bought a card ($2.49) & cotton balls ($.99) with the coupon that total came to $1.75! So for a total of $3.97, I brought home new lip gloss, an anniversary card & cotton balls!

I think this is my Thankful on a Thursday for this week~ good deals & websites that tell me about them!