So I mentioned on twitter last week that I’d written a blog post down on paper at work because I just HAD to get it out of my head. The readers digest version~ it was about feeling like a failure while TTC; the stress & pressure we put on ourselves etc. It was brought about after our attempt at scheduled sex last cycle. I talked over posting it on here with my husband & we agreed it might be better to keep it private. But I wanted to at least let it be known that I don’t always fart rainbows, sunshine & puppies!

My chart this time looks a little different becuase for some fun reason Fertility Friend gave me 5 days of the VIP version the day I got my period. Random? I thought so too. But I took advantage of it. I checked out the different cycle graphs & analyzing tools. {EDIT I saved my VIP version chart as a pdf & it wouldn’t upload. You’re seeing the normal/free version. If you can tell me how to convert a pdf to jpg, you’d be my bff!}

Notice that there are a few days where I didn’t take my temperature or there are open circles. Those days, I was either sleeping in/lazy or woke up late which skews your temps. You might also note that I had mutliples days worth of temps at the same time. I thought my thermometer was broken. It wasn’t. I took my temp at different times & it worked. I guess my body was just being weird.

What ended up coming out of the kind of tough time we went through this cycle is that we’d *try* to stress less, that I wouldn’t throw out all the details of CM & pee sticks; over all we’d try to make it happen this month less stressfully.