Oh our Lucy girl. She’s such a joy. I’m about writing this a week late because we’ve been busy celebrating the Christmas holiday with family. Lucy & Zach too have been spoiled with love & hugs & kisses this week. I’ll post about their first Christmas soon. Back to Lucy girl.

I weighed us on her month day & she’s about 17 pounds now. We’re still putting 6 month clothes on her, but in cloth diapers they’re getting tight. I hit up after Christmas sales at the children’s place & bought my baby 9-12 mo clothes. Crazy how quick she’s growing.

Very serious Lucy girl wearing her Ms Claus suit.

Very serious Lucy girl wearing her Ms Claus suit.

She’s almost sitting independently & very very very close to crawling. She loves to move the little beads across the bar on the exersauser. She likes us singing, reading, bouncing & dancing! She’s getting good at standing too.

Lucy often gets attacked by the sock monster & is thrilled when she finds herself sock less. It’s then that she can most easily grab her toes & stuff them in her mouth!

Lucy’s still a fabulous nurser and she’s learned to help hold her 5 oz bottles. She eats every 3-4 hours. We started her with solids right after their 6 mo appointment & she is not a fan. It’s like shes personally offended I’m not giving her the boob. She has tolerated bananas & kinda like the peas we tried this week.

She continues to do a good job sleeping. Typically waking up once a night for a quick nursing session. She still takes smaller naps.

Lucy experienced her first (since postNICU) antibiotics  during the past month when she had hand foot mouth & an eye infection. She handled both the eye drops & dealing with the blisters on her hands, feet & bottom like a champ.

Happy {super late} seven months baby girl! Here’s hoping the sweet Santa outfit photos from your month day make it off the camera & on here before your eight month post!