Sorry I’ve been MIA; I know y’all have been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering what I’ve been up to. No? Anyone?! 😛

I had a work trip to Greensboro Sun-Tues last week. I had a great time with my work girls. There’s four of us so it worked perfect for riding together & being roommates. The conference was for the agency force & underwriters are invited more for fun. I enjoyed meeting the people I email & talk on the phone with all day at work. A few of them surprised me, but I’d used our photo search function at work so I was able to spot most of them. I do have to say that I work with a lot of wild people! I was pretty tame & was still up until 230-3 both Sunday & Monday nights! Needless to say, the rest of last week I was playing catch up on sleep.

Friday my in laws came to visit from GA. It’s a 6+ hour trip so we don’t get to see them as much as we’d both like. It was actually the first time they’d been up here in a few years (we usually meet at the beach). They live in a small town without malls or restaurants, so we tried to make up for that!! We let them decide food & restaurants, so in three days we hit up Outback, Cheesecake Factory & Lonestar. We also went to Nordstrom at Southpoint & by Jason’s works. I also went to my friend Holly’s little girl’s 1st birthday party. She was too cute & loving her birthday cake & icing!!

You might be able to hear my sniffles & coughing all the way at your computer! Somehow the little tickle in my throat on Friday/Saturday turned into full blown chest cold by Sunday afternoon. I spent most of yesterday going from the bed to the couch! Sadly, I gave it to Jason too. Needless to say, I’ve been to Food Dog (not quite the quality of a Lion but gotta love the prices) three times in as many days to get G2, OJ & Mucinex. I think it’s working because although I look like a faucet, I am feeling better. Hope the spring forward sickness didn’t get anyone else!