I’m writing on what I call ‘borrowed time’ aka its been over three & a half hours since I fed the babies together & I’m expecting them to wake at any moment. So this will be quick. But I want to remember all the sweet & silly nicknames we currently have for our duo.

Lucy. She’s baby girl, sweet girl, Luce, Lucy girl, Lucy Beth (which I almost wanted her to be double name called), frog or froggy (she has a super long tongue that she sticks out when she’s hungry & I ask her if she’s trying to catch flies), hippo or miss piggy (because the girl, like her mommy, loves some food.

Zach. Well I guess Zach is his number one nickname as we hardly ever call him Zachary. We started calling him Zachy-poo in the NICU (he’s gonna love this when he’s older) & its kinda stuck. Sometimes I’ll even shorten it too calling him Poo. He’s also Zachy, Zacher, Z-bud, buddy, or little buddy (another nicu name that’s stuck), little dude, or turtle because of his neck control. He’s often ‘lil’ somethings because he was & still is close to 2 pounds smaller than his sister.

Zach just woke so I was right on my ‘borrowed time’. Off to nurse the lil guy!