I thought this post out in my head the other day. I let it marinate a little before deciding to post {from my phone so excuse errors}. So CD1, you make me feel…angry, sad, depressed, jealous, then hopeful. All those emotions just in one day.

Angry that what we thought was a good cycle didn’t end up with a BFP.

Sad that we won’t be celebrating the 2010 holidays pregnant. I swore we’d be pregnant by football season~that’s out the window now too.

All the above’s made my usually happy self a little depressed this week. Crawl under the covers & sleep depressed but nothing a few beers & some Ben & Jerry’s & Christmas decorations couldn’t fix though.

Oh the jealousy this week. I’m normally not a jealous person. If someone has the fortunateness or luck or both to have something I admire, usually I’m like awesome for them & move on. This week, pregnant people I don’t know {ones I know I’m still just happy & excited for!} and baby toys & baby sale flyers just make me jealous. Instead of keeping the baby store coupons for gifts, this week they’ve gone right in the recycling bin.

Then back to hopeful. Hopeful that this new cycle, cycle 11 TTC, will be the one! Hopeful that my projected O date being on my birthday might be good luck! Hopeful that if this is the cycle that you could get an awesome Christmas gift~ a BFP! Keep your fingers & toes crossed.

update~ HUGE thanks to Kelly if you’re seeing this for reading & stopping by with beer & ice cream! Jason & I really appreciate that & you as always!! Also much love to other friends, both IRL & internet friends for their comments, email, FB messages etc. They mean more than you know!