We made it through the Christmas holiday {relatively} sickness free. After their colds & hand foot mouth & Lucy’s bout with pink eye 10 days before, we were feeling lucky to experience a fabulous first Christmas with just little baby colds & Lucy having chapped cheeks. {Christmas post with pics to come}

Then, on the 26th, Zach woke up with his left eye super goopy & stuck shut. His beautiful eye lashes were all matted. I scooped him up in the ergo & carried him close
as we shopped that afternoon. He seemed okay & tolerated eye compresses in the Loft & Crate & Barrel bathrooms. By Wednesday night, though, his eye was still bad & we felt like his little cold wasn’t great either.

Jason got up with me Thurs around 3a for Lucy’s night feeding feeling like he’d been hit by a truck. He’d caught the babies’ cold bad.

Lucy woke up Thurs morning with yellow gunk in her eyes & we realized it’d be a trip to urgent care for both. luckily, we heard about KidMed which was super close by my parents’ house. They opened at 3p & we were waiting at 245. We were impressed by the nurses, doctor & staff. We got in & seen & on our way within an hour. They checked & thankfully both were negative for RSV & the flu. They were diagnosed with viral colds/upper respatory infections & pink eye. A couple days of drops three times a day, & the babies are doing much better.

They got much TLC Thurs & Fri from their Pops & me while Jason rested. We decided to delay going home til they were better.

Of course, Sat, my dad & I woke up stuffy & with sore throats. After a couple doses of dayquil, he felt better, but they didn’t have anything I could take but cough drops . I’ve been struggling through & thankful that my Mom stayed well & Jason was on the mend enough for me to rest Sat evening.

As I write this Sunday afternoon traveling back home, lil crusty noses are all that remains of the babies’ sickness, Jason has the colds-almost-over cough, & I have tissues stuck up my nose. Good times!