Moe this Week

I was going to make some of these photos the project 365 for that day. But I took better pictures. So instead here’s a little montage of Moe this week aka p365 rejects! 🙂

Sunday morning Moe

Thursday night Moe joined me at the dinner table & he even posed as a model!

Moe got back in bed this morning after I was up & while I was getting ready for work. It cracked me up so I snapped this photo to email to Jason & share with y’all.

I ran out of food while feeding Moe this morning. A fat cat without food is not a good thing, so we stopped at Petco tonight. Y’all Moe was so happy when I set that bag down!

Hope you  have a weekend as relaxing as our Moekit will!

What I made already this week

I was busy Monday & Tuesday.  You already have seen the guest room redo.  I’ve also been busy in the kitchen. 

I was one of those crazy people who signed up for the “Pay It Forward in 2011” facebook thing.  I hope I’ve got something coming from the talented Pami; I owe 5 now 4 friends homemade goodies.  I made Eileen from work my “famous” oreo brownies Monday night.  They were supposed to be for her family, but after coworkers heard they were at her desk, I think she only went home with half the pan!  I also made a pan for us & half that pan {all those on the plate photo’d below} went to Jason’s work.  Oh, and since I was making 2 8×8 pans instead of a 9×13 I used the whole thing of Oreo {half inside & half crumbled on top}.

For Monday dinner, I tried another of the Mable’s Meals recipes.  This one called for four ingredients & said only took 20 minutes.  And y’all, it got a thumbs up from Jason.
Cream of Mushroom Chicken
1 tbsp olive oil
1 c sliced mushrooms
4 chicken breasts (I used three)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
salt/pepper to taste

Heat oil {I did medium high} in medium skillet.  Add chicken & saute covered for 4 minutes.  Flip over chicken & continue cooking covered for another 3 minutes.
Lower heat {I lowered to medium}, add mushrooms, & continue cooking for another 2 minutes.
Add can of soup & stir well. Keep covered & simmer on low for 10 minutes {or until chicken no longer pink}; stirring occasionally.
We served over brown rice {but were too hungry & forgot to photo it plated} & had enough for Jason lunch leftovers!

Random Crockpot White Bean Chicken was dinner Tuesday & my lunch today.
3 chicken breasts
sliced mushrooms
can white beans, drained
2 cans diced tomatoes

We left in the crockpot all day on low. I shredded my chicken breast & topped with a little mozzarella cheese & ate like it was soup.  Jason ate the chicken breast topped & sided with the soup.

Can’t help but end with a super cute Moe & hubby photo.  This is Moe’s favorite sleep spot now~on & with a paw over Jason’s new chill pants!

Thanksgiving weekend pups

I was going to add these photos from last weekend to one of the posts below, but then I thought they were cute enough for a post of their own! Enjoy! Bocce, the white Bichon, is my grandparents very spoiled only child. Quinn {named after Quinn in Glee} is a French Bulldog that belongs to my brother & his fiance. Quinn is used to being around other dogs & lives with two cats.

Quinn likes to sit on my dad’s lap. Then Bocce would get jealous/curious & jump up. Quinn would be like ok cool. Bocce would then freak out & bark/growl. Trying to take these photos was difficult! You can tell Quinn’s pretty laid back but my dad was having to hold Bocce! And both were getting distracted!

Bocce & Pawpaw’s usual rutine includes a lot of naps in the below chair. Bocce finally realized it was ok for Quinn to join them, but only if Quinn stayed on Pawpaw’s legs down.

Bocce loves drinking the condensation off bottles. When Dad finished his beer, he held it out to Bocce who {with help from Dad} proceeded to hold it in his paws & “drink” it! LOL!

Gotta love…

fulfilled promises & great (twitter) customer service! {One last cat litter post & then I promise I’m done!}

After making this post & some earlier & later tweets back & forth with @bestcatlitter, they offered us free bag of the cat litter they suggested to us. Of course, I gladly took them up on the offer. But honestly, I thought wel,l some things that sound too good to be true, might be just that. But today I came home from work with a World’s Best Cat Litter box on the doorstep. Moekitty must have know what was inside because he was VERY curious. Inside they gave us a 3.5 lb bag of the multi-cat litter & a mat that I plan to put under Moe’s litterbox.

I took a photo of what the box contained then my usually photo shy cat jumped in the photo! {He’s a fan & says “thanks”!}

I had bought a large sized bag of the standard World’s Best & plan to use that up before totally switching to the multi-cat version. But I bought a bag of the mulit-cat two weeks ago and added it in the box with the other. I do think it helped cover up smells better. So far I haven’t noticed it clumping all that much more, but like I said, it’s just a little mixed in for now. I’m looking forward to seeing how it does. And we will certainly see soon & for a while becuase we are well stocked now. Since I had a $3 off coupon set to expire 9/15, I bought a bag Saturday & now thanks again to World’s Best, we received another in the mail today!

I had been buying World’s Best Cat Litter on my own (with the help of coupons) for months before World’s Best Cat litter gave us this bag. Big thanks to them, but the opinions & photos in this post are all mine (well & Moekitty’s).

Wish List Wednesday

So I was planning to do a wish list Wednesday post because I love reading them on others blogs. But since I did a little shopping/winning last night & today, I thought I’d share what’s on the way to me!

I won this diaper clutch from Bird E Studio by guessing what Erika was doing last night. {The answer was going to a quilting class!} I plan to use it as a clutch within my purse for now, but I think it’ll be awesome to have once I’m a mom too. Erika made it so that it perfectly fits 2 disposable diapers & a small wipes case.

I’ve been an admirer of all things Gussy for a while now. Maggie’s products are featured a few blogs I love, her blog & her products are so cool & she seems so sweet on twitter (she’s @gussysews). I signed up for her newsletter & received a 15% off coupon code this week. I was wearing a grey top today & I thought it was boring. I remembered she just mentioned these limited addition grey ruffle headbands recently that would be great with my outfit. She’d taken them down from the store, but after I tweeted her she put a few back up so I could buy one! How cute is this?! Later this afternoon, I went back to Gussy & was lusting over this precious umbrella clutch with the red ruffle. Red= perfect to take to NCSU football games! Well, my 15% of worked again & she gave me discounted shipping for 2 items, so I was sold!

I can’t wait to receive my fun new handmade products! I love supporting awesome ladies!

My other purchase today was thanks to a recommendation from World’s Best Cat Litter via twitter (@bestcatlitter) after I was kinda bitching last week about Moe & his litter situation. If you don’t remember from this post, I love the “greeness” of WBCL, that it’s flushable & that it’s made with corn so I don’t worry if Moe licks his paws after stepping through it. I was slack last week & didn’t clean the box very often. As a result, it was smelling & kinda cloughed up the toilet. Anyways, WBCL told me to try the multi cat clumping formula. I was so excited they wrote me back! I went to Petco for cat food & bought the multi cat litter (only $7.99 after using a $3 off coupon). I plan to add it into the existing litter this weekend.

In case anyone cares, I wasn’t given anything for making this post. I’m just sharing my excitement over these products.