Sick Momma Day {Liberating Working Moms}

In a fog of cold medicine & while in bed, I wrote a post for Liberating Working Moms. I’m glad that it makes sense & is filled with {mostly} complete sentenses.

Katherine has posted recently on the importance of us mommas taking our vacation time for ourselves. I love that idea & added it to my hopefully-one-day-sooner-than-later to-do list.

I think as working moms, our meager sick & vacation times are often used up in a flash of sick babies & daycare/school vacations. While those days can be exhausting & tough, we enjoy the snuggles & flurry of activity. But those days are all about our little ones. The time we’ve earned, our time, is rarely used by us, for us.

This past Wednesday, I did something for the first time in my 11 months of motherhood: I called in sick & took all day off for me. Not to play nursemaid to Zach, Lucy nor my husband. {Y’all remember I did that enough to go a little crazy at the beginning of the year?} Yesterday was all me. My first sick momma day.

I’m feeling a little better today thanks to piling myself with hot tea, cough drops & Tylenol cold medicine. And sugar cookies {because cookies make everything better}. I’ve love to hear what you do to make yourself get or stay well when you have a Sick Momma Day of your own.

{no longer} Struggling with Solids

My not-so-great eaters have changed! I did an update on our take of solids on Liberating Working Moms yesterday. Thought I’d share a bit of it here.

Somehow in
the last four months, Lucy & Zach went from struggling so much with solids that I wrote a post on it, spoke with our PA & pediatrician & was on the verge of sending Lucy & Zach to a specialist to BOOM good eaters. I’d say I don’t know how this happened, but I kinda do.

Jump over to LWM to read the rest. And I’d love to hear your favorite to-go foods for ‘toddlers’. OMG I almost have toddlers!!

I’m a Crafting Slacker

I talked holidays, Pinterest, crafting & being a working mom over at Liberating Working Moms yesterday. What’s your take on crafting with little ones?

In the age of pinterest, blogging & Facebook bragging, it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday crafting spirit. And as a working mom of two 10 month olds, by caught up I mean left feeling pressured & overwhelmed. And guilty.

I haven’t made time to be crafty in years & haven’t had time in the past year. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s a new mom thing. Maybe it’s a working mom thing. Maybe it’s a multiples mom thing.

But all I know is that now somehow I’m supposed to turn into super mom that can whip up perfect DIY holiday creations in our spare time.

Or not.

Read the rest here. Is there one craft I shouldn’t be missing out doing? Let me know in the comments!

Finding Time for Me {Liberating Working Moms}

I thought I’d carved out last night for ‘me time’. The plan was for Jason to spend yesterday & today relaxing after his last day Wed & before he starts a new job Monday. And since he’d be off work, he could pick up & handle Zach & Lucy for a few hours Thurs evening so I could have a after work girl’s night with coworker friends.

Instead, he has pneumonia & spent the day at various doctor’s offices & the night in bed while I wrangled Zach & Lucy. Thankfully, the babies were great.

But that still leaves me questioning, when’s my time?

I’m six months into being a working mom & almost ten months into being a parent, & I feel like I have it kind of down. Of course, when Lucy &/or Zach are sick or teething, a wrench is thrown into the mix & I’m thrown off my “I got this” game. But those days aside, I’m fairly confident that I’m doing a good job balancing work & motherhood.

What I’m realizing I haven’t been doing such a great job keeping up is sometimes me. My one hour of pumping each work day {broke into three sessions} is my only ‘me time.’ It’s sometimes the only time during the whole week when I can sit down uninterrupted by work & personal phone calls, work & personal emails, coworkers, my husband &/or my babies. That hour a day is just me & my book or kindle or silly games on my cell. And yes, I happen to be attached to a machine pumping milk out of my breasts during this time which might tell you how chaotic my life is; that being hooked up to a pump is what I consider one of the most relaxing parts of my day.

I’m over at Liberating Working Moms today talking more about ‘me time’ & what I’m going to do once I stop pumping & lose that hour of ‘me time’ a day. From comments already & my social post, I know it gets easier & better. But I’d love you to jump over to LWM & tell me what you do for yourself.

Throwing Away My To-Do List

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope yours is very sweet & filled with all the things & people you love. My littles are at daycare dressed in red & pink. We skipped learned at 6p on the 13th that we’d be doing Valentine’s cards for their classmates {que running to Kmart in the rain with both babies in tow} & chose also to treat their teachers with DD’s Munchkins using Brandy’s teacher appreciation idea.

I’m sharing over on Liberating Working Moms today my love of to-do lists. And why I think I’m a better parent when I toss {some of} them aside.

I thrive on lists. I love making them. I always have. Shopping lists, to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, weekly schedule list. I love seeing it on paper {yes, I still hand write my lists}. I love checking off items; it leaves me with a quick feeling of accomplishment.

With the arrival of Zach & Lucy & my return to work, list making has been crucial. Without one of my precious lists, errands get forgotten as does applesauce.

Jump over to LWM to read the rest & I’d love to hear what household chores you can or can’t put off for your kids.

PS~ For the sake of true openness, I will say that I have a two page to-do list & pack list combination on-going for this upcoming week’s work trip. My list broken down to two words: thirty bottles.