Stepping out Saturday…8 days late

I’ve meaning to join Mandy & friends for Steppin’ Out Saturdays for a couple of weeks now. But can’t really post a fun outfit post if you’re being lazy & leaving the house or if you’re with grandparents & don’t take any photos. Lucky for yall (maybe?), I have friends with cameras. Kelly sent me to photos tonight from last Saturday’s NCSU game. {Friends on twitter might remember me from this evening. I had a VERY good time at the game.} That said, excuse the squinty eyes… I waived between showing the worst {the best?!} and decided to do a little of both for your viewing pleasure! I think you’ll be able to tell who was my drinking buddies & who was the awesome, amazing DD!

Btw, these are all before & during game…not after or once I got home & continued drinking… 🙂 Oh, & I could NOT resist this fabulous middle shot of random man rockin’ out in his poker shirt. Really what was he thinking?!

In the tradition of Steppin’ Out Saturday…

Red/black sweater… last year at Kohl’s
Black tank… Target
Jeans… Gap Long & Lean
Necklace… last fall at Belk


WITH aka Wolfpack in the House!

We’re still on the high that was last night’s NCSU vs FSU game in our house. We actually re-watched the game tonight (we’d DVR’d ESPN’s 3-5a version). It was cool to see what the ESPN guys had to saw and see the awesome come back win without the stress!

I actually remembered my camera this time so I have a few photos to share. We got out to the parking lot around 4 and get set up before the rain came.
How awesome is that pumpkin!? Its not real, but we let a few really drunk passerby’s think we were that talented!

The game was so stressful; Wolfpack were down 21-7 at halftime, but they scored twice at the beginning of the 3rd quarter & turned the game around. When they scored to go up for the first time all game, we were so excited {& nervous!}. With two minutes left, FSU got the ball back & drove down to the NCSU 8 yard line. A mix of luck & being at the right place at the right time occurred when FSU fumbled and Nate Irving was able to fall on the ball! Yay for an awesome Wolfpack WIN!

**Just realized it was midnight & I’m leaving in 8 hrs! I’m off to Charlotte to visit with my grandparents until Monday night. My Papa had a 15 hr surgery on Tuesday and is still in medical ICU but supposedly doing very well considering. I will finish this post when I get Monday night. Have a great weekend & Happy Halloween!**


After Saturday’s OT loss to ECU, my heart is a little less pumped about NCSU’s football season, but I still want to share with y’all photos from last Saturday’s game. My parents came in town for the game and my aunt Sue also went with us. The game was at noon which is my least favorite game time: less time for tailgating and right in the heat of the day. Since it was an early start, I made an apple cake, Tastefully Simple beer bread, Fiesta Dip (which I spruced with with a drained can of Rotel), broccoli, cucumber, Scoops, Bojangles chicken strips & biscuits, and fruit salad. Nine am is a little early for a cold beer, so we brought Bloody Marys & I made a Firefly Lemonade with the Tastefully Simple lemonade mix {we saved the beer for halftime}.
We also brought the new gingham table cloth my Nana made for our tailgating card table and the corn hole boards & bags Pawpaw & Nana made for us. The cornhole was a hit! Mom & Sue were cornhole newbies but they did great~ beating Jason & I in a close game. Family friends Brad C & his son Casey stopped by and pretended they were cornhole newbies. They easily beat the sisters. We switched up the teams and Brad & I were doing ok, but then the NCSU band stopped right in front of our tailgate so we forgot about the game & cheered them on instead.

As usual, I didn’t bring my camera into the game, but since I had my parents’ I took a few photos of the team coming out onto the field. Go Pack!

Go Pack!

Yesterday was the start of the college football season for us at NC State. It was a great day. The weather was perfect. The tailgating great with yummy food, drinks & fabulous friends. To make the day complete, NCSU won 48-7!!

We broke out the cornhole boards Pawpaw made this summer. This might be the LEAST flattering photo of us, but sadly, it’s the best.

Speaking of food, I made the Betty Crocker Simply Pasta Salad in Casear. I love that pasta salad ~ it’s easy & doesn’t require mayo.

I said I’d bring a dip for veggies & scoops. I wanted to use the Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic sample I received at the party last weekend. I searched for a Garlic Ranch dip and found this one on Spark Recipes. Based on the comments at the bottom of the recipe, I changed it a little.

Healthy Garlic Ranch Dip
1 packet ranch dip mix
8 oz light sour cream
8 oz plain lowfat yogurt
1/2 tsp Garlic Garlic (equals about a 1/2 tsp of dried minced garlic) It wasn’t very garlicy. I might use more next time.
Mix all ingredients together. Chill about half an hour before serving with scoops & veggies.

Kelly’s former coworker, Meghan, was up from Atlanta for the game. Beth was able to tell Meghan in person that she’s pregnant! This photo was taken right after! PS~ Kelly & I aren’t THAT tall. Meghan (4’11”) & Beth (5’1″) are just that petite!
Kelly took a few action photos during the game. Not sure which touchdown this was~yes I happily lost count!

We went out at halftime to visit with Jessica & her boyfriend. One of the boys took this photo with Kelly’s camera. I’m blaming beer & camera phone for the blurriness!
Hope everyone else’s teams did well this weekend too!

NCSU v Maryland (Chi O Homecoming)

We had a great time last Saturday with a bunch of my sisters tailgating before the game then watching the Pack win!! We were a little worried there at the end but then so glad they pulled out the W!! I made thanksgiving Pillsbury cookies (which looked like lil VT hokie cookies) and Trader Joe’s pumpkin muffins (with cransins). I think both went over well. Here’s a few pictures from tailgating. The top is all the Chi Omegas there at that point; I think I few others came & went. The bottom is my rencent favorite picture of Jason & I.