My New BFF

As soon as I announced my pregnancy, a few friends proclaimed, “get you a Snoogle!”. I looked it up on Amazon & brushed off spending $50+ on a body pillow.

Then I became 28 weeks pregnant & was sleeping in 1 hour spurts surrounded by 5+ pillows, behind my head, propping up my shoulders, between my legs, by my hips & on either side for belly & back support. It was getting ridiculous. Husband had no room in bed & I was still uncomfortable.

At childbirth class last Saturday, another pregnant momma-to-be mentioned loving her Snoogle. Jason googled it this time & said $50 is worth it if it helps you sleep. I still said no on Saturday evening. Then slept rough Saturday & Sunday nights before emailing him Monday morning & saying “I give in, Amazon prime that shit”.

The Snoogle arrived Tuesday afternoon {right before we headed off to the hospital for our PTL scare}, & I whipped it out of the package Tuesday night. I’m not sure who loves it more, Jason {who has more room in bed}, Moekitty {who loves sleeping up against it}, or me. I think me since I’ve been sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches since having it in bed. My favorite position is having it under my shoulders, resting one arm under & one arm above it, the belly on it, & having the curvy parts in between & under my legs. Even if I only use it for the next 7 weeks or less, it’s money well spent.


Snoogle & Amazon have no idea who I am. While it would’ve been awesome for them to provide it to me; they didn’t & this is just my own glowing opinion.

Eleven Weeks

I was in Charlotte with my aunt getting my Papa’s condo all spruced up for Christmas Saturday. I meant to try to post from his computer last night but there were issues there so this is a day late. I did remember to take self-portraits with my phone using his cool mirrored wall! And yes, there’s no hiding the babies anymore {it was at night but I wasn’t trying to stick the belly out}.

Three babies saying hi after a day of Christmas decorating!

How far along? 11w1d.

Maternity clothes? Yes for pants but I can still wear my normal tops & sweaters {for now}.

Weight Gain? Last Monday it was about ten pounds from what I *think* my pre-pregnancy weight probably was.

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Pretty good switching from side to side with pee breaks throughout the night. Moekitty has started cuddling one of the pillow thinking it’s me!

Movement? Not that I can feel, but as we saw Monday, they’re moving!

Genders? We hope & pray for healthy babies first & foremost. But I’d love to have boy/girl combos.

What I Miss? Nothing at the moment. Feeling great & happy.

Symptoms? Same as last couple of weeks. If I eat frequently & stay on top of drinking water, I’m good. Definitely more worn out & I can take a nap at the drop of a hat.

What I’m Looking Forward to? tomorrow’s high resolution ultrasound. I’m really hoping we’ll be able to get great views of babies B & C as well as A.

Weekly Wisdom? Birthday’s while pregnant are fun! Eat everything you want times three! 😛

Milestones? We now have fig-sized babies who are pretty much fully formed!

Quick List

Things I suck at recently:
Running a lot of errands
Staying up late

Stuff I’ve been good at recently:
Laying on the couch
Playing thoughtless solitare on my phone
Drinking water
Rocking maternity pants.

Hoping to kick back into blogging & blog reading & commenting soon.