So last night we spent an hour & a half at the hospital’s labor & delivery department. Only to thankfully return home around 1130p. Long story short, everything is fine with me & the babies & I’m not in preterm labor.

But that’s not what this slightly-paranoid-first-time-mom was thinking all day yesterday. This is TMI, but what’s blogging about IF & pregnancy if it’s not TMI?! Monday night, I had some discharge that was thicker & different than what I’ve been experiencing. In my half asleep haze, I sortamaybekinda wondered if that could possibly be part of my mucus plug. But I shook off that thought & went back to sleep.

All day yesterday though, my discharge was very liquidy ~ clear, odorless, not a ton, but enough to make me pause. At 4p, I decided to mention it to the husband by text, tell a few coworkers & text a friend. All said to call doctor, so I paged the nurse line. I never heard back from them & don’t have an after hours number {on my list for our next appt}. I went home, laid on the couch with a towel under me & ended up falling asleep. An hour later {around 7p}, Husband called on the way home from work. I sat up, felt a little more escape & some lower pain from sitting up quick.

We ate dinner speedily & decided that even though I was 90% sure I was fine, that we’d regret it if that 10% ended up happening. I changed into comfy clothes, grabbed my insurance card & hospital id info, my barely charged cell, a book, jug of water & off we went to the hospital. On the way over, we were a mix of quiet & talking about what we’d do if this was it & I was going to be put in the hospital the remainder of the pregnancy.

Our hospital tour is scheduled for next Wednesday night. So we didn’t really know where to go, but the nice lady at the front desk of the women’s hospital sent me right up to 4th floor L&D while Jason went to park the van. They checked me in, went to grab my chart from my doctor’s practice & a nurse walked me into my triage room. I changed into a hospital gown {& *almost* took a photo in the bathroom mirror ~ ever the blogger} then they attached monitors for the babies heart beats. What an awesome noise hearing them both steadily beating away! They attached another one on the belly to see if I was having contractions {I wasn’t} & said we needed to monitor these for at least 30 mins.

Jason arrived soon after & we quietly listened to the heartbeats & the machine noises. A resident came in & I told him what I’d been feeling. He asked about breastfeeding {I said yes} & our plans for post-babies birth control {really?!}. Then said the OB would be right in to check me & do swab tests. A few minutes later, she appeared, again super nice, entered a speculum & took three q-tip swabs from my cervix area. She said based on the look of things, I was still closed & not leaking but she wanted to look under microscope to be sure.

Everything tested fine. No contractions, bleeding, or broken water leaking. They sent us home without restrictions & with plans to keep our regularly scheduled MFM appointment tomorrow.

I now have a few more questions for my MFM, a little more hospital experience & the knowledge that we need to pack a mini hospital bag {with a cell phone charger!} just in case this happens again sooner than later. Pretty sure we’re both motivated to get our house in order & that to-do list checked off just in case it’s the real thing next time!