Nothing like getting it all in within a week or two right? The fact that we hadn’t taken any get-ready-for-babies classes snuck up on me, then I was in a rush to get them done before they arrive. So that meant that instead of spacing them out a little, we’ve been bombarded this week with information.

Last Saturday, we had our first of two childbirth classes. We learned relaxation techniques that I’m hoping Jason will carry on doing at home, preterm & regular labor signs {that we already put into practice Tuesday night}, & the first couple stages of labor. We watched some birthing videos that thankfully had been done recently & weren’t shocking to see since I’d already had us watch The Business of Being Born a couple months ago. We go back tomorrow for our final class tomorrow where we’ll cover the pushing stage of labor as well as complications & interventions.

Tuesday we had an unoffical hospital tour when my paranoia, mixed with us being first time parents-to-be, meant we took a trip to L&D. We have our offical hospital tour next Wednesday night.

Wednesday night, we went to breastfeeding class at the hospital close by after the class at the hospital we’re delivering cancelled their class. It worked out well that it was only 10 minutes away & I believe we learned much of the same information as we would have at the other hospital. We chatted about the benefits {most I already knew}, watched a video {I think the first time I’d ever fully ‘seen’ breastfeeding in action}, then practiced holds with baby dolls. Holding two babies in the football hold made it pretty real y’all. I’m literally going to have my hands full breastfeeding! Jason was a great support in class, & I think the class really got him on board with what all breastfeeding entails & why I’m all for it.

I am planning to attend a few local LLL meetings {I’ve heard there’s a twin mom leader in town} as well as maybe meeting one on one with a LC at our delivering hospital {if I still have questions}. I’m also reading Mothering Multiples to get as much multiple breastfeeding knowledge in as I can before they arrive.

Last night I went to a local baby boutique & took a cloth diapering class. I wasn’t sure how biased it’d be in regards to pushing just what they sell {it kinda was}. I felt like through blog reading, chatting with CDing moms, & doing my own research, I knew a fair amount. The class confirmed what I knew & yet was still helpful. Seeing all the flats, fitteds, covers, hybrids, AIOs, & pockets laid out next to each other, passed around & compared really helped me get what’s what & the benefits & drawbacks of each. I’m even more excited than before to start cloth diapering the babies.

I think thanks to a few cloth diapering mom friends, we’re set with fitteds & prefolds for the babies {at least while they’re little}. I’m still working on getting enough covers & figuring out if we want to mix in a few more pockets & AIOs. I’m doing my first cloth diaper laundrying {for our brand new diapers & covers} this weekend. Wish me luck! I’ll probably share how that goes next week.

What’s left to go to class for? I don’t know; maybe nothing?! I know for tonight at least, I’ll be on the couch resting with my marshmallow feet propped up catching up on our new AT&T Uverse DVR. Have a great weekend y’all!