I was tired after we got home from childbirth class Saturday & took a nap instead of photos. Yesterday, it was rainy & gross & I didn’t love my outfit so no photos either. Post-work, 30 week pregnant Suz…

{Gap maternity tunic turned top, Motherhood khakis}

How far along? 30w2d

Maternity clothes? Yes & even discovered this weekend that a few maternity tops are getting too short…

Weight Gain? I was weighed at the doctor Thursday. Up 43 pounds.

Stretch Marks? Yep. Lotioning up almost everyday but I think they’re just gettin’ bigger.

Sleep? Thanks to my new Snoogle & heartburn med perscription, much better. Although leg cramps kicked my butt left calf this weekend.

Movement? Yes. & this morning Z did something big. I kinda feel like he might’ve flipped back head down because it hurt kinda bad in the process {enough that I had to go lay down to catch my breathe}. And now I’m feeling kicks/punches in different places from him. She seems content transverse & gives me little kicks on the left side, punches in the middle & head nods in my right ribs to let me know.

Genders? Baby A, Zach, is a still a boy & C, Lucy, is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B always. Cute summer shoes. Sitting comfortably.

Food cravings? I’ve once again gone through a lot of cereal this past week.

Food aversion? I think those are gone.

Labor signs? Still none. Bake another couple weeks babes!

Belly button in or out? It’s still an innie. Just barely.

What I’m Looking Forward to? We went to check out some rocker/recliners this weekend. Looking forward to having a big comfy chair for us & the babies. Hospital tour on Wednesday. MIL coming this weekend to help build & then set up nursery furniture.

Symptoms? Swollen feet & ankles got bad at the end of last week. Crazy huge marshmellow feet that tingled all the way up to my calves. Luckily the cooler weather of the past couple of days has the swelling at bay.

Weekly Wisdom? We went to a lot of pre-babies classes last week. It think it was great for us both & I really loved watching husband soak in the info then us talking about it later. We considered not taking childbirth or breastfeeding classes since they’re mostly focused on singletons, but I’m so glad we did. We also heard/saw the babies twice last week. Once at the hospital L&D Tues night with dopplers & then very briefly on ultrasound Thursday to get positions & heartbeats. We see/hear them so often that it’s almost routine but we try to remember that each time is cool & special.

Milestones? This week in the pregnancy starts with a 3 y’all! 30 weeks!! Baby Center says the babies should be around 3 pounds {but we know that’s what they were 2 weeks ago} & around 15.7 inches long. Baby Center talks about eye sight getting better this week too.